Professional Dog Trainer

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I require that all of my clients sign a contract that covers both you and me.

I ______________________________________  am signing up and agreeing to pay for _______ sessions of private in-home lessons with Amanda Hayes. These lessons will be offered at __________ per one and a half hours, for a total of____________. I agree to pay this amount no later than the conclusion of the first session.


LIABILITY LIMITATION: The client acknowledges that it is accepted that dog training will not provide exact results. Each dog is different in regards to ability, intelligence and temperament. Amanda Hayes makes no expressed or implied guarantee, to the results reached in training or to the level of competency reached by contracted dog. All behavioral advice and training suggestions are provided at the client’s own risk.   Use of this information is voluntary and Amanda Hayes is not responsible for injury to another human or animal. The client is at all times responsible for the actions of their dog.  Amanda Hayes is not responsible for any injuries or expenses resulting from socialization or training. Dogs participating in physical exercises may be injured by running, jumping, chasing a ball etc. Client hereby indemnifies and holds Amanda Hayes harmless.


Maintenance of Goals.   The owner recognizes that this training session does not train the dog, but instead coaches the owners to train their dog according to skills conveyed and homework provided.  In order for the dog to obey the owner, the following must occur:

  1. The owner must understand the basic principles of training (this will be explained and provided by the trainer).
  2. The owner must apply the basic principles of training.
  3. The owner must not interact with the dog in a way that rewards bad behavior and/or punishes good behavior.
  4. The owner must regularly train the dog at least one half hour a day (not in one block but as will be explained different points of the day), three or more days a week to convey and fine tune command performance.
  5. The owner must not give commands that they are not ready to reinforce if the dog does not perform.  


Guarantee.   Amanda Hayes does not guarantee training in this arrangement.  Much of the training is going to be done by the client.  The trainer cannot control whether the client follows the advice, does the homework, is consistent outside of training time, and many other factors.   However, if the following is documented for the trainer, but there is not satisfactory improvement in the dog as agreed by the client and trainer, a refund of some sort will be considered:

  1. Communication in between lessons of any difficulties or problems that were arising.
  2. Proof that homework was accomplished by the ability of the client to produce results of exercises as will be outlined.

All packages must be completed within 30 days. No refunds can be issued after this time period. This policy ensures the highest rate of success for you and your dog and ensures commitment and consistency. Every lesson is built upon the foundation of previous lessons, and consistency and daily practice are crucial to any dog training program's success.

I hereby acknowledge and agree that I have read this contract, understand its terms and agree to all provisions by the signing my name and providing today’s date below.


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