Professional Dog Trainer

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About Us

Amanda Hayes,began her quest for training dogs 13 years ago with her sisters spaniel mix. She taught him everything from sit to roll over. Then, while working for a dog kennel, she was given the opportunity to take a shelter dog through group training classes to make him more adoptable. This was the pivitol moment that changed her future. She took him through class after class and eventually adopted him herself. He is currently the mascot for this site, Kujo. She continued taking him to every training class she could find ultimately even training him in protection. She was hooked. After working in kennels for four years she was even more committed to start a career in dog training. Each dog she worked with posed a different set of circumstances. She ran group classes as a trainer where you earn a certification in positive reinforcement training. She realized that this method did not work for all dogs and continued to search for better solutions. She later attended Tom Rose school for dog trainers which took the opposite approach, relying heavily on corrections and often forgetting to make it fun. Again, this method did not work for all dogs and she began to customize her own training method to fit the individual dog. She implemented her training methods while working as head trainer for a boarding facility in Missouri. She found that she never had to turn a client away because they did not fit the program. Teaching personalized programs help keep the learning process fun and easy for every dog to understand. Amanda gives a different prospective in training solutions offering games and rituals which helps the dogs understand what the owner wants while playing. She specializes on the dogs who have not had success in other training programs. Her credentials are her proven success with many different and even difficult breeds.
Chris Cato has been around animals his entire life including dogs and horses and has been assisting Amanda on some of her toughest cases for over a year. If she trusts him with her dogs, so can you. They work as a team on cases where aggression is the main issue or when fear of men is a factor.